October 7, 2022

Stacking overlays

Now you can add multiple tile layers to your maps on Placemark! This has been a requested feature for quite a while, because a lot of people have some high-resolution satellite imagery or a warped and georeferenced historical map, and they want to extract vector features using Placemark, but they need more context: they don't just want to see a few frames of satellite imagery in a sea of white. You want your geographically-restricted special data to be in context, with a world map.

That's what we're launching today: a layer stack. You can add multiple overlays, with customizable visibility and opacity, using Mapbox, XYZ, and TileJSON layer types. It's a big step up in Placemark's ability to work with external raster tiles.

The new layer menu

This is just the start - we've got a lot more on the horizon, like image warping, STAC support, and vector layers as references.