September 16, 2022

Sharing maps

You can now share maps from Placemark with a colleague or a friend just by dropping a link. They don't need an account - it's just a webpage. Here's an example, that map of those airports.

Sharing + analysis

Shared map showing geometry statistics
Geometry statistics for a shared map

But it's not just a read-only map. The Placemark DNA is sprinked throughout shared maps. You can check out geometry and property statistics for shared maps.

Shared map showing feature properties
Viewing feature properties

You can view properties of a feature on a shared map, and see details about its geometry.

Sharing + data

Shared map being exported as CSV
Exporting data from a shared map

Sharing is an excellent way to share data, too - just export straight from the shared map page. All of Placemark's formats and options for exporting are available.

What will you share?

Shared maps are a feature available to anyone with a Placemark account - try sharing a map today!