September 16, 2022

Sharing maps

You can now share maps from Placemark with a colleague or a friend just by dropping a link. They don't need an account - it's just a webpage. Here's an example, that map of those airports.

Sharing + analysis

Geometry statistics for a shared map

But it's not just a read-only map. The Placemark DNA is sprinked throughout shared maps. You can check out geometry and property statistics for shared maps.

Viewing feature properties

You can view properties of a feature on a shared map, and see details about its geometry.

Sharing + data

Exporting data from a shared map

Sharing is an excellent way to share data, too - just export straight from the shared map page. All of Placemark's formats and options for exporting are available.

What will you share?

Shared maps are a feature available to anyone with a Placemark account - try sharing a map today!