June 3, 2022

Introducing our free map file converter

Today I'm releasing Placemark's free map file converter. It'll convert your KML to GeoJSON to FlatGeobuf to GeoJSONL. You name it, it converts it. It has no built-in limits: the only limit is your imagination, wait no – your computer and browser's memory.

In the course of implementing lots and lots of file formats in Placemark, we've ended up with some great, reusable tools. I figured it'd be pretty useful to just let anyone use those things, on a convenient drag & drop (or click, or paste) page. I hope it's useful. Happy Friday!

This list will go out of date, but right now - you can convert:

  • FlatGeobuf
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • Zipped ESRI Shapefiles
  • GPX
  • TCX
  • Encoded polylines
  • Extract data from GeoTIFFs & JPEGs
  • KML & KMZ