December 21, 2022

Announcing Folders

You can now organize your maps into folder structures to make Placemark an even better home for your always-changing geospatial data!

Adding a folder from the Placemark maps index

Plus, you can nest folders inside of each other for full-blown directory structures:

 Folder structure with nesting

To make it easier to navigate folders, find maps, and generally use Placemark, we've extended the search UI (which was recently improved in the map view!) to work with the main page too! Just hit Command+k or click the Magnifying glass icon at the top of the map listing to activate it:

Map search UI

So all together - folders can be nested, you can drag maps into them, or drag a map or folder onto the breadcrumbs to move it up a level.

You can also toggle a folder tree and see a nested list of folders. A bunch of behaviors now integrate with folders: navigating back from a map that's in a folder will go back to that folder view rather than the home page. Deleting a folder will delete the maps inside of it. Combining maps will place the new, combined map inside of the source maps’s folder.

Folder tree view

We think this is pretty cool - and thanks to the community for suggesting this feature!