May 2, 2022

Changelog: May 2

  • The REST API is now a lot faster to update: if you're editing a map and using the API, it'll now update within seconds, rather than with a 30 minute cache.
  • Collaboration is faster than ever. Changes are visible about 40ms faster than before.
  • Windows & Linux keybindings: you can hit Ctrl+S, Ctrl+O, and more to perform actions quickly. Check the cheatsheet in the application for more details.
  • Small polygons now render even when you’re zoomed out.
A dataset of islands shown on a map in Placemark
Improved rendering of small polygons
  • XYZ Layer support! You can now pull in traditional image tiles to your map.
Placemark showing an XYZ background layer
Custom XYZ layers in the map
  • You can now edit Feature ID data. Feature IDs are preserved when you import & export KML and GeoJSON.
Placemark showing Feature ID UI
The new Feature ID interface

That's it, folks! You might also notice many design improvements & fixes this week. There are more to come. See you next week!