March 13, 2023

Changelog: March 13

Some small but mighty updates to Placemark!

Updated collaboration & map renderer

Under the hood, we've updated Mapbox GL JS and Replicache, two key components of Placemark. We've used Replicache for collaboration since the start of Placemark, and it's been great, but there have always been issues with Firefox Private Mode.

Firefox's Private Windows are the most strong, and chaotic, form of security controls in browsers. While other browsers will forget persisted information, like information in IndexedDB, more quickly in their private modes. Firefox, on the other hand, doesn't support IndexedDB at all when you're using a private window. For other APIs like localStorage, Firefox exposes a localStorage object, but using it in any way will immediately throw an error. Replicache has used IndexedDB for a while, so… Placemark has had problems in this situation. Thankfully, Replicache now supports a memory mode, which fixes behavior in private windows!

Custom data support in the Placemark Figma plugin

The Placemark Figma plugin got a much-requested new feature: support for custom data. You can select any GeoJSON file from your computer, and the features will be overlaid onto the map! Just like the rest of the plugin's output, GeoJSON features become native Figma objects, so you can style them using all of Figma's power. Pretty cool.