April 21, 2022

Announcing Placemark

Today you can sign up for Placemark and start collaborating and creating maps!

After more than a year in development, with hundreds of maps created in the beta period, it’s ready for everyone.

This is just the beginning. In the last year this has gone from a wishful thought to a platform that you can use to build, import, export, and edit geospatial data in over 10 formats, with all the essential GIS operations like buffering, intersection, and simplification. There's much more over the horizon. Placemark thrives for collaboratively-edited small vector datasets, but expanding the kind & size of datasets, and the kinds of things you can do with them, is our main focus.

I’m excited to share the rest of the progress just like I’ve shared it so far. The only difference is that now, you can sign up and use it.

So head over to product & pricing info and check out the rest of the site - there are lots of videos showing what's possible, documentation, a roadmap, and more. I'd love for you to give it a try. Any other questions, shoot me an email.


-Tom MacWright