October 11, 2022

Announcing multi-feature selection, SVG export, and lasso selection

Style multiple features at once with multi-selection

Multi-selection is a big part of how Placemark can make your map editing workflow better. You can multi-select from the map with shift-dragging and "lasso" selection, or select multiple rows in the table view, and then from there you can do everything - run operations on those features, edit all of their properties, move, rotate, or delete them. It's a really powerful detail. And now you can edit the styles of multiple features just the same way, with a multi-selection!

Scale control

Placemark now includes the classic map feature of… a scale control. With your choice of units - imperial, metric, or, for those seafarers out there, nautical!

SVG Export

Finally, maybe burying the lede here, is SVG export. This is an exciting new beta of a feature that lets you bring your maps from Placemark to Figma, Illustrator, Sketch, or your design tool of choice. It turns Placemark folders into svg "g" elements, projects your features into paths, and makes it all exportable. Plus, it supports a bunch of projections - off the bat there's Web Mercator, Equal Earth, Albers, and Equirectangular. More to come, and more options to make this the best way to create an SVG from a GeoJSON file, or from a map in general, without having to code or learn a complex library.