Create maps from spreadsheets

Converting spreadsheets into maps using Placemark

Placemark is the easiest way to turn your spreadsheets into interactive, highly visual maps. Any kind of geospatial data you have in a spreadsheet can be transformed into a map, shared with your team, used as an API, or exported into geospatial formats like GeoJSON and Shapefiles.

Creating maps from Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel

Using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and want to create a map? Just export to CSV, XLS, or XLSX, and drag & drop it onto a map in Placemark. The same works for any tool that can produce those files, like Airtable, OpenOffice, or even database exports.

A wide range of geospatial data supported

Most kinds of map data in spreadsheets work right off the bat:

  • Columns with Longitude & Latitude values
  • ZIP Codes in a column
  • WKT or GeoJSON geometries in a column
  • Columns with addresses

Built-in geocoder for address columns

Address columns can be especially tricky to use in other tools, because they require the data to be processed with a geocoder. But Placemark has a geocoder built-in!

Watch a tutorial of importing addresses from spreadsheets:

Interested to learn more?

Check out our documentation on importing addresses in spreadsheets, or sign up for Placemark to try it out.