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System requirements
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System requirements

Placemark is a web application, so it only requires a browser and no installation step.

Supported browsers

  • The application works best with Chrome or Firefox-based browsers.
  • Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Firefox private mode is not supported, because in private mode Firefox does not support cookies or IndexedDB.

Technology requirements

  • JavaScript is required. Placemark does not work with NoScript extensions or any browser without JavaScript support.
  • IndexedDB support is required. IndexedDB is, by default, enabled on all modern browsers. If a browser is configured not to allow IndexedDB, Placemark won't be able to function, because we use IndexedDB for offline & collaboration requirements.
  • Cookies must be enabled to log into Placemark, because they are used to manage your authenticated session.
  • WebGL is required. Check the WebGL test to confirm that your browser supports WebGL and has it enabled.

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