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Placemark supports a version of the simplestyle specification that allows you to style map features directly. Simplestyle is available as one of the Visualization options in the map interface.

Simplestyle works by using a few properties on each feature that contain color, opacity, and width information. The supported properties are:

  • stroke
  • stroke-width
  • stroke-opacity
  • fill
  • fill-opacity

Each feature controls:

  • stroke: controls the color of lines on the map. The value can be any hex, rgb, named, rgba, or hsla color
  • stroke-width: the width of lines on the map
  • stroke-opacity: the opacity of lines on the map
  • fill: the color of filled features
  • fill-opacity: the opacity of the filled feature's fills

Differences from specification

In contrast to the official specification for simplestyle, Placemark:

  • Placemark supports a wide range of color syntaxes, including named, rgb, hsl, rgba and hsla colors. The specification only supports hex.
  • marker-size and marker-symbol properties are not supported
  • title and description properties are not supported


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