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Placemark REST API

Placemark offers a REST API for map content. By default, maps are private to your organization and the API is disabled. However, you can enable the API - see the video on enabling and using the API for details.

API Endpoints

Get all features in a map{mapid}/featurecollection

This API provides the contents of a map, as a GeoJSON FeatureCollection object. The map needs to be set as public in order for data to be returned.

  • folder: specify one or more folders within the given map and only include featuers within those folder.
  • intersect_latitude and intersect_longitude: return only polygons and multipolygons that intersect with the given point. Both parameters must be provided and should be decimal numbers, like "?intersect_latitude=40.001919&intersect_longitude=-75.1719". Using intersection parameters will cause the API to only return Polygons and MultiPolygons: lines and points will not be returned because they do not geometrically have simple intersections or area.
  • All features of the map are included in the FeatureCollection, without respect to folder structure.
  • This endpoint supports CORS, so it can be directly used in web map frameworks.

Get a single feature{mapid}/feature/{featureid}

This API provides a single feature, as GeoJSON Feature object. Like the endpoint for getting a map, this requires that the map identified by mapid is public.

You can find the ID for each feature through the "ID" panel when a feature is selected. That ID is also included in the response for the featurecollection endpoint through the "@id" property of each feature.

Map privacy

By default, maps are private to your team. You can view them, your team can view them, but they aren't accessible via the API. To enable the API, you need to set the map as public, which you can do via the File menu and the API menu item. Toggling the API on will give you the map's FeatureCollection API endpoint and enable per-feature API endpoints.

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