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Placemark supports a wide variety of standard geospatial data formats, and a few different ways of importing them onto the map.

To import a file you can:

  • Click the menu in the top-left and select Open…. This will let you open a file from your computer.
  • Click the menu in the top-left and click Paste text. This will open a dialog that lets you add data from text. This is often useful if you’re importing a small text file like a CSV and want to copy it into the map without saving it as a file.
  • Drag the file from a folder on your computer onto the map. This should show a temporary "Drop here" note. When you drop the file on the map, you'll see the import dialog.

You can import multiple files by dropping multiple files on the map, or selecting multiple files through the Open…option! You'll need to click-through the Import dialog for each file, just in case a particular file has different import options.

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