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The GeoTIFF file format is an extension of the established TIFF format that adds the ability for the image data to be georeferenced: for the corners of the image to be assigned geographical locations so that it can be placed on a map.

GeoTIFF is a raster file format - storing images, rather than shapes. Placemark primarily deals in vector data - data that's composed of shapes. So GeoTIFF import is relatively limited: Placemark can read a GeoTIFF image and extract the geographical bounds of the image, which can be useful for quickly knowing where a GeoTIFF will be located on a map. The tool does not export or edit GeoTIFFs.

GeoTIFF support is similar to EXIF support in Placemark, though GeoTIFFs contain bounding boxes and EXIF data only includes a single point for where the photo was taken.


Free tools for processing GeoTIFF files

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