Your powertool for making maps

Placemark is the one place to create, edit, and convert the data that powers maps, in real-time with your team.
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Superpowered attribute editing

Spatial is only part of geospatial data. Placemark handles the rest – attributes – with a particular pizazz. You can edit a whole dataset's attributes in a table view. Update complex JSON values, or edit long-form text values comfortably. Because without attributes, a map isn't a map.

Works with your data

Have a CSV file with coordinates? How about a GeoJSON file? Or some KML from Google Earth? Maybe you're drawing data from scratch. It'll all work great with Placemark. And when you're done with your edits and workflow, you can export to all those formats, and more.


Build maps together

Placemark is perfect for your classroom, newsroom, or situation room. It works if you and a friend have an idea to find all the best coffee joints, or share a new mountain biking trail you recorded with GPS. You can see each other's edits in real-time and get on the same page.

Collaboration on maps with Placemark
👋 Hi!

It’s Tom, the person building Placemark. For the longest time, I’ve thought that maps should be easier to make. Why are we stuck with janky desktop software and underpowered ‘map builders’ on the internet? There should be something better.

I worked on tools for editing maps at Mapbox and helped build the default editor for OpenStreetMap. Time passed. But I think this missing piece is still missing.

Placemark intends to be that missing piece. I’m building it to be a thoroughly useful, privacy-respecting, and sustainable tool. It’ll be a product – and a business – a way for me to improve something continuously.

Interested? Sign up for an update, or drop me a line.

-Tom MacWright